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The conclusion

iOCR does not contain any extraordinary technical innovations. And it is not supposed to. The idea was to design and implement a tool which maximizes the convenience of entering forms by human operator whenever it becomes obvious that this particular type of forms can not be entered 100% automatically. This maximization is achieved through highly ergonomical features such as predicting operator's actions (auto-scroll) and well-thought-out user interface (mouse sweep recognition, hotkeys).

The existing version of iOCR is only beginning to implement the functionality spelled out in the project concept documentation. It is lacking a strong pre-processing flexiform engine, automatic rules, ODBC export, and many other important features. However, iOCR is already in use by ATAPY’s media-service group where it is gradually becoming an indispensable tool.

ATAPY believes that this new product can come in handly for our partners in many projects. The most obvious sectors to target are:

  • recruitment agencies: for reading résumés (see more...);
  • large organizations receiving a lot of paper mail on many different corporate stationaries: for extracting sender's information, date, subject, addressee;
  • companies that manually enter invoices on a daily basis.