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ATAPY ImageControl 2.0 Visual Component

ATAPY ImageControl visual component

ATAPY ImageControl 2.0 is a visual component intended for enriching software applications with advanced functionality for image display and pre-OCR image zoning.


Image display

  • Zoom
  • Scrolling
  • Various image display modes: full page, fit to width, fit to height, zoomed view

Pre-OCR image zoning (drawing recognition blocks on the image)

  • Block placement: manual (via GUI), or programmatic (via API)
  • Block moving
  • Block deletion
  • Intellegent Document ProcessingCropping to block borders
  • Editing block properties:
    • Type (text block, picture block, table, barcode, checkmark, etc.)
    • Visibility (certain blocks shown/hidden in different conditions)
    • Ability to edit (drag, size)
    • Background color
    • Border color & thickness
    • Block coordinates on the image
    • Block reference number (index)
    • Block name (caption)
    • Tooltip text displayed


  • Excellent zoom quality; on pages zoomed to 1-5% of their original size, the components beats many contemporary image editors, such as ACDSee. On a newspaper page, after zooming it to 5%, it's still possible to make out the page layout
  • High, comfortable scrolling speed
  • Convenient multi-page document navigation: jump to first/last page, etc. Wide array of configurable object properties:
    • Main window (background color, upload background image from file, tile/center/stretch background image)
    • Block properties (color, font type/color of all text captions, border color/thickness, etc.)
    • Zoom properties: speed, max./min. zoom
  • A number of convenient program events: opening new image, a variety of mouse/keyboard actions
  • Adjustable mouse behavior: configurable context menu, setting mouse mode for working with blocks (draw, select, disabled, etc.), showing tooltip on hover (for example, containing the target data field)
  • A range of comfortable hotkeys for basic operations (zoom, select, etc.)

Areas of use

Image clipping and data entry systems

ImageControl 2.0 can be used to implement a user-friendly interface for:

  • Manual image compilation/processing (for example, media clipping)
  • Manual data entry/indexing/proofreading

ImageControl 2.0 may also be used to highligh certain areas on the image according to the coordinates passed via API. This provides a useful add-on feature for:

  • Automatic pixel-by-pixel comparison of two images (highlighting the areas that differ)
  • Search and extraction of certain graphic elements: logos, pictures, barcodes, etc. (element highlighting, crop to element)

Document management systems with OCR functionality

NewspaperImageControl 2.0 may be applied at OCR preprocessing and post- processing phases for:

  • Automatic image zoning according to pre-set coordinates
  • Manual image zoning (manual blocks drawing on the image)
  • Mapping data to the corresponding fields for subsequent phases (OCR, validation)
  • Manual data verification: highlighting blocks in color according to block type, showing/hiding blocks depending on operation mode, etc.

Basic-level image manipulation packages

Image EditorImageControl 2.0 may be used to enrich image editor applications with basic display features: zoom, scrolling, and view options (full page, fit to width, fit to height, zoomed view).

Supported Image Formats

ImageControl 2.0 works with a variety of image formats, including multi-page TIFF and JPEG 2000. The component allows convenient processing of images of all sizes, including large-format ones (A0).

Supported image file formats: BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, TIFF (including multi-page TIFF).

An Example of Using ImageControl to Implement a Specialized User Process

The AXZAM Intelligent Document Processing System is intended for working with documents of complex structure (invoices, credit notes, expense notes, timesheets, resumes, etc.) that require special processing accuracy. The system automates full document lifecycle, from scanning to archiving.

For processing semi-structured forms, the system uses ABBYY FlexiCapture technology. For after-OCR data correction, it uses a module implemented using ATAPY ImageControl component.

InvoiceFor incorrectly zoned, and therefore poorly recognized documents, a specialized operator-guided “recognition on-the-fly” process is used. The operator performs the following steps:

  1. Reviews the source image using zoom, scrolling, and display options provided by ImageControl
  2. Manually places a block on the image by drawing it around the required data with a mouse
  3. Maps the block to a corresponding data field by placing the mouse cursor inside the field
  4. Initiates recognition in the application GUI

The information is recognized and inserted into the selected field.

ATAPY ImageControl Package

  • Functions library (.NET)
  • Demo GUI application with sources
  • Developer documentation

Technical Specification

  • Language: C#
  • Environment: .NET Framework(WinForms, WPF)
  • Supports development in:  C#, VB.NET, managed C++
  • System requirements: Windows XP SP 3 / Windows 7: Windows 2003 Server / 2008 Server