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Services and Solutions for Document Management

Development of Custom Document Imaging and Industrial Imaging Solutions

Scanning and document imaging is one of the key areas of ATAPY expertise. Our solutions here include:

  • Scanning front-end solutions

ATAPY has enhanced a number of inhouse OCR and/or document management systems with on-demand scanning front-ends. Solutions by ATAPY operate as integral part of several well-known scanning and document capture products and technologies, such as EMC Captiva IntupAccel, Fujitsu ScanSnap!™, and Océ Scan2IT.

  • Filters to enhance OCR quality

Since ATAPY inception, one of the hottest customers’ demands has been the improvement of OCR accuracy on some specific images, such as colored document scans, faxes, noisy photocopies, etc. ATAPY has developed a large number of image preprocessing filters targeted at such challenges, including noise removal (despeckle), skew correction, binarization, thresholding, color extraction, color dropping, etc. Some of these filters have been based on sophisticated document analysis algorithms.

  • Layout and document structure analysis tools

In many cases, correct image zoning is a key to accurate recognition. The layout analysis tools developed by ATAPY beat FineReader's native zoning capabilities on some page types, such as, for example, certain types of newspaper and magazine layouts. Besides zoning algorithms, ATAPY also provides a range of document structure analysis solutions, allowing to split the incoming flow into separate documents by detecting empty/separator/barcoded pages or special marks.

For free-form documents, ATAPY software provides a unique service of development of Flexi templates for form capture products by ABBYY-trained engineers.

  • Machine vision/industrial imaging applications

In some cases, it is possible to automate certain industrial processes – such as, for example, QA procedures - by means of OCR technology. Our company has developed an array of applied solutions in this area: a quality control solution for Printed Circuit Boards, a water meter reading solution, a mobile solution for recognizing SMS-based mobile tickets (mTickets), and a number of others. Another example of such work is our product ATAPY ANPR SDK – a toolkit that recognizes car number plates captured by camera. And in some cases, industrial imaging tasks do not even require OCR. It is enough to automatically compare two images (the real image to its pattern) and, based on the results, invoke certain behavior in the final system. However easy it sounds, in real projects this approach typically implies quite a lot of “math” - sets of task-specific imaging algorithms tied together in quite sophisticated logic.

Some of our projects in these areas have been documented into Case Studies below.

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